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Our Team at Aqua Fire Protection Company appreciates the opportunity to show you how we may serve as a valued partner to your business.


Aqua Fire Protection company has been in operation since 2011, providing construction, maintenance services, and NFPA 25 Inspections to buildings in North and South Carolina.


We are a full service fire protection contractor providing design/build expertise for the very small light commercial building up to large industrial facilities. Our construction market focus includes the following:


  • Institutional; Universities, Private Colleges, Healthcare

  • Industrial; Life Sciences, General Manufacturing

  • Warehouse; ESFR Systems, Lease Buildings

  • Light Commercial; Office Upfit, Retail


The benefit to you is a single company with over 200 years of work experience, meeting all your fire protection needs. Another benefit includes coordination of critical building systems for your project.

Please consider us for your next plan/spec or nogotiated project. Thank you and please feel free to call me at (336) 434-8081 or (336) 847-1958.



Michael Gillette, SET



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